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Pros & Cons of Aluminum Fences for Your Backyard

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Pros & Cons of Aluminum Fences for Your Backyard

If you want a fence that's attractive and practically maintenance-free, an aluminum fence might be right for you. When comparing materials, such as wood vs. aluminum vs. vinyl, it helps to weigh the pros and cons of each type. For many homeowners, the pros of installing an aluminum fence outweigh the cons. Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of aluminum fencing to see if it's the best option for your backyard.

Pro: Durability

Aluminum fences are known for having long lives. With the proper treatment, an aluminum fence can last for up to 50 years, which might be longer than you plan on living in your home.

Several factors contribute to the durability of aluminum fences. The material doesn't rust, unlike other types of metal, which prolongs its life. Aluminum is also relatively strong compared to its weight, making it likely to withstand winds and severe weather.

Pro: Ease of Maintenance

When choosing a fence, one crucial thing to consider is how difficult it will be to maintain. Some homeowners are willing to install a fence that requires a lot of care and attention if they think it's attractive and will enhance their home. Others prefer a fence that's a little more hands-off but still good-looking.

Aluminum delivers on that front. The material resists rust, so it doesn't require a lot of preparation or sealing. After it rains, you don't have to frantically run outside and dry the fence off to keep corrosion away.

Cleaning an aluminum fence is also usually a breeze. It might need cleaning a few times a year. You can use soap and water to wipe away any signs of dirt or debris. You don't need to scrub hard or use special cleaners to keep your fence looking good.

Pro: Eco-Friendliness

It's not just the beginning of a fence's life that's important — what happens to it at the end matters, too. Many homeowners these days are concerned about the environmental impact materials will have. If you're looking for a fence that's easy to recycle, aluminum is a good pick.

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. The metal used to make your fence will most likely come from recycled aluminum, as 75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Should you decide to remove or replace your fence later on, you can bring the aluminum to a recycling center, giving it another life.

Pro: Follows the Grade of Your Yard

If you have a sloped yard or uneven terrain, aluminum is an excellent pick for a fence. Aluminum fences are rackable, which means the rails are adjusted to follow the slope of the land. If you try to install a non-rackable fence on a hill, there will likely be gaps between the bottom and the ground.

Pro: Available in a Range of Styles

Whatever your taste and style preferences, there is likely an aluminum fence to match it. The fences come in a range of picket styles. You can choose spiked or flat pickets, for example. You can also choose a fence with bars that are more closely spaced together along the fence's bottom. The closely spaced bars add a decorative touch that's also functional, as they help to keep small pets inside your yard.

Con: Not Great for Privacy

An aluminum fence in your backyard is not the best option if you're concerned about privacy. Other fence materials, such as vinyl and wood, can have pickets placed right next to each other, creating a solid panel.

The pickets on an aluminum fence usually have gaps between them, so it's possible to see through them. The fence creates some sense of privacy and can help define your property's border, but it won't keep your neighbors from seeing what's happening next door.

Con: Can Be Costly

Some fences are more expensive than others. Aluminum can cost more than a wood or chainlink fence. It might cost slightly less than a vinyl fence, though.

Although the upfront cost of an aluminum fence can be higher than other options, it's worth considering how its initial cost compares to its lifespan. You'll likely need to replace a wood, vinyl, or chainlink fence before you have to replace an aluminum fence. An aluminum fence could be the more cost-effective choice in the long run.

HOA Affordable Fence Builders specializes in finding the most cost-effective and affordable way to install a fence. If you're ready to install an aluminum fence around your property in the Greater Indianapolis area, contact us today for a quote and to learn more.

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