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What You Need to Get a Certified Site Plan for Your Fence Project in Indianapolis

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What You Need to Get a Certified Site Plan for Your Fence Project in Indianapolis

Before you install a fence around your property in the Greater Indianapolis area, there are a few steps you need to follow. You'll need to choose the fence's style and materials. You'll also need to make sure you're allowed to have a fence, particularly if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association (HOA).

Many HOAs have specific rules regarding fences. The HOA's rules might restrict the type of fence you choose, for example. Your HOA might also require you to submit a certified site plan before your fencing installation project begins. The HOA's site plan requirements are likely to be in addition to any local zoning rules you need to follow when installing a fence.  

What Is a Certified Site Plan?

A site plan is a drawing of your property that shows its measurements, the location of structures, and the location of your property in relation to connecting streets. The plan provides a bird's-eye view of your home and property.

Two types of site plans exist. A non-certified site plan is simply a drawing of your property. It can be made by you, an architect, a surveyor, or an engineer. (For example, you might get a copy of your home's plat documents or mortgage survey and use those to draft a site plan.) HOA Fence now offers non-certified site plans for free to clients who qualify with their quote request. The plan is ideal for planning your fence and getting approvals, as it gives you basic information about your property and its boundaries.

A certified site plan is also a drawing of your property and a representation of its structures in relation to nearby streets and other properties. A certified site plan is created by an engineer, surveyor, or architect and has their stamp or signature on it. While you can draft a non-certified site plan using other documents, creating a certified plan requires a site visit.

Before starting a fencing project, double-check with your HOA to verify its rules and requirements. It's much easier to make sure you have your ducks in a row before you begin a project than it is to start and then have to retrace your steps.

Steps for Getting a Certified Site Plan

Before you install a privacy fence, the first thing to do is consult with a professional fencing company. Ideally, you'll work with a company that knows your area and is familiar with the requirements of your HOA. During a fencing consultation, a representative from HOA Fence Company will review your property and talk to you about what you want to get from your fence. They'll also review your HOA's requirements and guidelines and discuss how those impact your fence project.

Next, you want to get the certified site plan. In Indianapolis, you can visit the Recorder's Office or Township Assessor's office to get a copy of your home's plat documents and mortgage survey. Getting copies of these documents will aid you in creating the site plan.

Since a certified site plan usually requires a visit to your home, hiring a surveyor, engineer, or architect is the next step. A surveyor will visit your home and determine your property lines. They might reference your plat documents or mortgage survey during the surveying process.

A certified site plan will include existing structures and landscaping, such as trees and shrubs. It will also outline where you want the next structure – in this case, a fence – to go.

In addition to having the stamp or signature of an engineer, surveyor, or architect, your certified site plan will most likely need to contain other pertinent pieces of information. When creating a site plan, make sure it has the following:

  • The plan's scale
  • An arrow pointing north
  • The property's address
  • The property's dimensions and boundary lines
  • The centerline of connecting streets
  • An outline of existing and proposed structures, plus dimensions for each one
  • The location of driveways, easements, and water features

How To Submit the Certified Site Plan for Approval

Once you've obtained the certified site plan, you need to give it to your HOA for review. The HOA board members will then review the plan and ensure it follows the rules of the association. If the plan complies with your HOA's by-laws and regulations, you should be in the clear to begin your project. The length of the review process will all depend on how busy your HOA is, so it is important to submit your site plan well in advance of when you want your installation to begin.


HOA Affordable Fence Company offers free site plans with qualifying quote requests, to save you time and help you get your fencing project underway. Contact us today to learn more about our fence consultation services and installation services in the Greater Indianapolis area.

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