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3 Reasons to Hire a Fencing Contractor for Your Fence Project

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3 Reasons to Hire a Fencing Contractor for Your Fence Project

If you’re looking to install a new fence around your property, or even just a part of it, you may be wondering if you should hire out to the pros or give it a shot yourself. While there are a lot of great DIY projects for your home's interior and exterior, a fence probably shouldn’t be one of them, even if you are an experienced DIYer. Hiring a contractor ensures your fence is installed correctly, and pros often have workmanship warranties in case something goes wrong.

Here are three reasons to hire a fencing contractor for your fence project:

Quality Fence Installation

A fence is an investment, and as something that’s intended to last for decades, getting it done right is critical. A fencing contractor knows what to expect and helps you avoid costly mistakes. They’ll consult with you and review your property to help you decide on the fence to meet your needs and budget.

A contractor knows what to do with inclines, abnormal shapes, and different soil types to ensure the fence is installed properly to withstand normal wear and tear and stressors. In some circumstances, they may be able to get you a better price than if you purchased the fence yourself from a large retailer or directly from the manufacturer. Some contractors may also be able to identify other services you’ll need, like grading or drainage, and they may even offer these services as well.

Expert Assistance in Planning & Permitting Process

Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit to install a fence on your property. A fencing contractor will have the experience to help you identify what you need for that process.

In Indianapolis, you don’t need to get a permit for a residential fence in most cases, so long as the fence fits the city’s fence ordinance guidelines. Check out our blog for more information about the Indianapolis fence ordinance.

If you live in a Home Owner’s Association or HOA, you may have to provide certain documentation to the HOA board to approve a fencing project. A fencing contractor should be able to help you collect these items, which may include a certified site plan, property line survey, or the permits mentioned previously.

It’s still your job to review your HOA’s bylaws, attend any meetings, and submit your plans for the HOA to review, but a contractor can assist in collecting those things and making sense of the process. In fact, some HOAs may have a list of preferred contractors for home improvement projects like a fence project.

Workmanship & Material Warranties

There are two main types of warranties: workmanship and material. Workmanship warranties cover the quality of work to install your fence, while material warranties cover any defects in materials used during installation.

A good workmanship warranty will cover structural issues and cosmetic problems. If a post is installed incorrectly, for example, and breaks or falls prematurely, the workmanship warranty will cover the repair of the fence. Or, if you’re installing a vinyl fence, and one of the panels get badly scratched during installation, the workmanship warranty will cover replacing that panel.

When you install the fence yourself, if you mess up — you have to fix it. Without the experience of a fencing contractor, you may not know how to fix mistakes, or you may not identify them until it’s too late. For example, if you’re struggling to fit the fence together, you might strip the screws while trying over and over to force them together. Using a professional not only reduces the risk of damage or incorrect installation and means you’re covered if something is damaged or installed incorrectly.

A materials warranty will cover any defects in the actual fence caused by the manufacturer that did not happen during installation. If the fence fails due to a manufacturer defect, like incorrectly drilled holes, then you’re covered by the warranty to have the defective parts replaced.

If you install the fence yourself, it may be harder to identify defects, whereas an experienced contractor would know what the parts should look like and how they fit together. 


Hiring a contractor is the best way to ensure your fence project is completed properly and your fence doesn’t fail prematurely. The cost of quality will definitely save you stress, anxiety, and frustration trying to install your fence yourself.

Contractors have the experience needed to guide you through the planning and permit process and complete the job on time with minimal disruption to your home or property. Because they're licensed professionals who take pride in their workmanship (and reputation), they’ll do everything they can to ensure you’re happy with your fence. And, if it comes time for a new fence, your contractor may offer replacement services and proper disposal of the old fence!

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