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Guide to Managing Fencing Permits & HOA Requirements in Indianapolis

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Guide to Managing Fencing Permits & HOA Requirements in Indianapolis

You've decided to install a fence, and now just two obstacles stand in your way: your homeowners' association (HOA) and the permitting process. While dealing with the local government and your HOA can seem like excessive red tape, it's important to dot your I's and cross your T's before a fence installation project begins.

Here's what you need to know about fence permits in Indianapolis and some tips to help you work with your HOA.

Do You Need a Fence Permit in Indianapolis?

Now, for some good news. You don't need to get a permit before installing a fence around your property in Indianapolis, provided the fence meets specific requirements. While you don't have to obtain a permit, it's still important to make sure the fence you want to install meets the requirements of Indianapolis's fence ordinance.

Some things to know about the city's fence rules include:

  • The height allowed: If the fence is at the front of your property, the maximum height is 3.5 to 4 feet. In the back and side yards, the maximum height is 6 feet.
  • The materials allowed: Razor or barbed-wire fences are generally not allowed in Indianapolis. Electrified fences are also usually not allowed, except for certain circumstances. You're also not allowed to use scrap material to build a fence unless it's material that was recycled and sold to the public.

If you want to make sure your fence project follows the city's rules, schedule a consultation with a fence contractor. During your consultation, you can discuss what you want from your fence and what you need to do to ensure your fencing project complies with the law.

Installing a fence that doesn't comply with the ordinance can mean fines and starting the project over again. Getting things right from the start helps you save money and time.

Make sure your fence is on your property lines with a site plan. Learn more about site plans and see if you qualify for a free site plan from HOA Fence Company.

How To Know What Your HOA Wants

Depending on your home's location, you might have another organization to deal with when you're installing a fence: the HOA. HOAs set rules and requirements for properties in a particular neighborhood. They usually aim to create a sense of uniformity among houses. HOAs also ensure that all the homes in an area are well-maintained and attractive. They seek to maintain a good quality of life for neighbors, too.

Your HOA might have a say in many things about your home. They might limit the type or number of pets you have and the type of holiday decorations you put in your front yard. They might also have rules about the colors you can paint the exterior areas of your home and when you can make noise or have gatherings.

HOAs also often have rules about fences. Along with checking with the city before installing a fence, it's essential to read your HOA's by-laws. If there are fence requirements, you'll find them in the by-laws.

Before you start a fence project, it's a good idea to approach your HOA. Go over the rules regarding fences, then put together a project plan based on the rules. For example, while Indianapolis allows chain link fences in certain areas, your HOA might forbid them. It might also prohibit wood fences or have specific fence height and color rules.

Get approval from the HOA before your project begins. Getting approval first means you have the green light and can build your fence, according to the project plan you submitted, without fear that the HOA will intervene or fine you. Having an approved plan also protects you if a neighbor complains about the fence later.

How To Increase the Odds of HOA Approval

The best way to increase the odds that your HOA will approve your fence project is to learn the rules and follow them. Work with a fencing contractor to put together a project plan and submit it to the HOA well in advance.

It's also critical to stay in the good graces of your HOA. That means paying your dues on time. It can also mean running for a spot on the HOA board. If you don't like the fence rules, you can try to change them from the inside. If running for a board spot doesn't work with your schedule, at least try to go to meetings from time to time so you can make your voice and opinions heard.

HOA Affordable Fence Company can help you create a fence project plan that meets the requirements of your HOA and follows Indianapolis's fence ordinance. Before you approach your HOA, contact us to schedule a fence consultation. We'll help you design a fence that complies with the rules while protecting your home and looking good.

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