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Comparing Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing

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Comparing Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing

You've decided you want to install a fence around the perimeter of your property. You've ruled out wood, which requires too much maintenance, and you don't like the appearance of a chain-link fence. That leaves you with the choice of aluminum or vinyl fencing.

When deciding between aluminum or vinyl, it helps to compare the two side by side in certain categories to see how they stack up. Here's what to consider when making your decision.


Think about how you'll use the fence and its intended purpose. For example, vinyl might be the better option if you want to put up a fence to create a sense of privacy and keep your neighbors from seeing into your backyard.

Vinyl fences usually have pickets spaced close together, so people can't see through the fence itself. The pickets on aluminum fences are spaced further apart, so it's possible to see through the fence into the yard.

The fence height is another factor to consider when privacy is the goal. Vinyl and aluminum fences are available in six-foot heights, which provides adequate coverage.

Aluminum might be the better pick if you're more concerned about security. Aluminum fences have strong pickets that are tough to cut through. Many styles have pointed pickets, which are challenging to climb over.


While function is important when you choose a fence, so is form. You want a fence that matches the style of the rest of your property, and that looks attractive.

Fortunately, both aluminum and vinyl fences deliver on that front. Both types of fencing materials are available in a range of styles. If you prefer a stately look, you might want to choose an aluminum fence with decorative pickets and ornamental details. Go for a white vinyl fence with the pickets spaced somewhat apart for a classic look.


Aluminum and vinyl fences tend to cost more than either wood or chain-link fences. The higher upfront cost is often offset by the lower maintenance needs and longer life of both types of material.

It can be tough to say whether vinyl or aluminum costs more upfront, as the cost of your project depends on multiple factors, including how much fence you want to install and how difficult the installation will be. The more fence you need, the higher the project cost, whether for vinyl or aluminum.

Care Requirements

Both vinyl and aluminum are known for being relatively easy materials to maintain. Unlike wood, there's no risk of vinyl or aluminum rotting. Aluminum also won't rust, unlike other types of metal.

To keep your vinyl fence looking good, all you need to do is wash it from time to time. If you see a stain or a mark on the fence, you can remove it with soap and water. Aluminum fences also benefit occasional washings.


When it comes to lifespan, aluminum has vinyl beat. With the proper care, a high-quality aluminum fence can last for 50 years — which may be way longer than you plan on living in your house.

Although it has a shorter lifespan than aluminum, vinyl's longevity is nothing to sneeze at, either. A well-maintained, quality vinyl fence can last longer than 20 years.


If you're already thinking ahead to the end of your fence's life, you might wonder if vinyl or aluminum will be easier to dispose of sustainably. Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material, meaning you can easily find a recycler to take the fence off of your hands at the end of its life.

While vinyl doesn't have the same eco-cred as aluminum, it can still be an earth-friendly option, provided you maintain the fence and ensure it lives a long life.

HOA Approval

Many homeowners associations (HOAs) have rules for fences, and many don't allow wood or chain-link fences. They do usually allow aluminum or vinyl fencing, though. If you have an HOA, it's essential to check in with its rules before choosing a fence material.

It might be that your HOA is okay with vinyl but doesn't allow aluminum, or the opposite might be the case. Double-check to be on the safe side, as you don't want to install a fence that breaks the rules.


Still can't decide between aluminum or vinyl fencing? HOA Affordable Fence Company works with homeowners in the Greater Indianapolis area. We have a wide selection of aluminum and vinyl fence styles and can help you choose the fence that's just right for you.

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