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5 Things to Know About Installing a Privacy Fence

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5 Things to Know About Installing a Privacy Fence

You love your neighborhood, but you may not love feeling like you're being watched every time you step into your backyard. A privacy fence can help make your backyard feel a little more like home. Privacy fences also keep pets and kids secure when playing outside and can block some noise from the street or your neighbor's yard.

But installing a fence isn't something to rush into. You can run into legal or administrative trouble if you don't dot all your I's and cross all your T's from the start. Installing a fence without checking in with your neighbors first can also breed ill will and lead to some nasty neighborhood gossip. Good or bad, here's what you need to know before you install a privacy fence.

1. Privacy Fence Installation Process

While you can install a privacy fence on your own, there's a lot involved in the installation process, and it's usually ideal for working with a professional installation company. Professional fence installers ensure that your new fence is properly and securely set up. They also know the ins and outs of working with HOAs and local zoning boards.

The first step in the process is a consultation. During the consultation, you'll discuss your fence goals with the contractor. You can review material options and styles and weigh the pros and cons of each choice. They'll also help you lay out the fence and inspect your property for any concerns.

2. Getting HOA Approval

Depending on your neighborhood, you may need HOA approval before installing the fence. HOAs differ in terms of the approval process and their requirements. Some limit the types of fence homeowners can install, while others might only forbid a particular kind of fence.

Not every HOA requires a formal proposal or has a complicated approval process. A professional fence company with experience with HOAs in your area can guide you through the process, helping you create a proposal that's likely to win approval.

3. Permit and Site Plan Requirements

The HOA isn't the only organization that needs to rubber-stamp your fence plans. Depending on your location and the fence type, you may also have to apply for a permit before installation begins. In Indianapolis, you generally don't need a fence permit, provided your fence falls within the city's fence ordinance requirements.

Indianapolis' fence rule determines your fence's allowable height and materials. Generally, a fence around your back and side yards can't be six feet tall. Razor or barbed wire fences are also off-limits.

While you don't need a permit in Indianapolis, you may need a site plan. A site plan helps you design your fence and choose its location without stepping on your neighbor's toes or giving up too much of your property. A non-certified site plan is relatively easy to get and doesn't require a surveyor to visit your property.

That said, some HOAs require a certified site plan. A certified site plan is generally more involved and may need someone to visit your property. You'll usually have to submit a certified plan when you submit your fence proposal.

4. Your Neighbors Have Opinions

Your neighbors may have something to say about your plans for a private fence, so it pays to be proactive and approach them before the project begins. You want to put your neighbor's minds at ease and reassure them of two things:

When installing a fence, it's common courtesy to have the "nice" side of its face out. That means your neighbors will get the good, finished side of the fence while the side with the posts and beams will face your property.

It's also polite to let your neighbor know when work on the fence will begin, especially if you anticipate any noise. If the neighbors have questions about the project or your plans, you can show them the site plan and other documents to reassure them. The site plan also indicates that the fence will be on your property, not theirs.

5. Privacy Fence Installation Time

Installing a privacy fence may take less time than you think. You want to allow time for the planning and approval process, but once those are out of the way, installation usually goes smoothly and quickly. Typically, it takes two to three days to complete a project once the installation gets underway.

If you're considering installing a privacy fence in the Greater Indianapolis area, contact HOA Fence Company. We can help you design and plan your fence and will work with you to get the needed site plans, permits, and HOA approvals.

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