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How to Style Modern Aluminum Fences

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How to Style Modern Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are more than a replacement for aging wrought iron. These fences are also a popular choice for modern homes and ideal for high-end or contemporary projects. Aluminum is lightweight, easy to handle, and doesn’t rust — making it an excellent low-maintenance option.

Aluminum fences come in many different styles, from picket fences to slatted and lattice designs, suiting modern or more traditional aesthetics.

Aluminum Fences are Available in Modern Colors & Finishes

The look of aluminum is modern and sleek, but it’s also a durable and long-lasting material. Aluminum also won’t rust, so it stays looking brand new for longer and won’t degrade with rust over the years.

Beyond its durability, aluminum fencing can come in a variety of finishes. A standard aluminum fence will likely be powder-coated black, but you can also find aluminum fencing in various powder coat colors and polished or brushed textured finishes. Powder coating is a special way of painting by using a fine powder to lay down layers of color that cure similar to enamel. Powder coating is exceptionally strong and less likely to chip than other types of paint, and there’s a whole rainbow of colors available in powder coats.

Aluminum Fences Come in Several Styles

Aluminum fences come in different styles and heights to suit your needs. You’re likely most familiar with an aluminum picket fence where the vertical pickets are fixed to the posts with space in between. These fences are timeless and great for front yards or small gardens, but they won't be the best at keeping a jumping dog or clever cat in your yard.

If you’re looking for something more private, aluminum fencing is also available in horizontal slats. The slats are fixed on top of one another between the posts. This not only creates more privacy in your yard but also lends itself to a sleeker, more modern style. Imagine a slatted aluminum fence in a matte-gray finish!

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Aluminum has Versatile Style

What is “modern” style if not versatile? Aluminum fencing can be as bold or as blended with your yard as you like.

Clean Minimalism

If you like that clean minimalistic look, an aluminum fence is a good choice. Where wooden fences can have natural irregularities like knots, the smooth metal will create a more cohesive look. The matte-gray slatted aluminum fence is a great example, but even a standard black aluminum picket fence gives a more minimalistic or industrial feel to match the styles of modern homes.

Aluminum also has another advantage over wood: it doesn't rot like wood does when exposed to moisture or insects over time. This means that aluminum fences can last longer than their wooden counterparts without needing many repairs or maintenance.


If maximalism is your style, however, aluminum won’t let you down! There are many styles of aluminum fencing that mimic the styles of traditional wrought iron fencing with twisted pickets and shaped or pointed posts. A decorative fence like this is more affordable in aluminum than wrought iron.

Function Over Form

If you’re not looking for a statement with your fence, aluminum can blend more easily with natural surroundings than a stark white vinyl fence. Black and more muted colors won’t stand out as much in yards and gardens, letting the hard work of your green thumb shine. A black aluminum fence also won’t yellow over the years like vinyl!

Additionally, even a slatted horizontal aluminum fence will allow for more light into the yard than a solid vinyl privacy fence. If natural light is important, consider an aluminum privacy fence over vinyl.


The biggest modern feature of an aluminum fence? It’s sustainable! Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials. Because of its resistance to rust, it’s easier to process aluminum to be reused. This means there’s a good chance a new aluminum fence contains recycled aluminum, and you can easily recycle the fence at the end of its life.

Aluminum is a popular choice for the modern yard because of its versatility in style to blend in or be bold. If aluminum is sounding like your style, let’s connect and discuss your fencing needs!

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