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5 Things To Know About Installing Fencing on Inclines

Can you install a fence on a hill? A little (or big) incline shouldn't stop you if you want to put up a fence.

Tips | Planning

5 Property Line Apps for Homeowners

Where does your property end and your neighbor's begin? Would you be surprised to know that there's an app for that?

Tips | Planning

5 Tips for Budgeting a New Fence

Installing a new fence or replacing a worn-out one can increase the value of your home and make your property more comfortable and secure.

Tips | Planning

Is a Site Plan the Same as a Property Survey?

Before installing a new fence around your property, you might need to get your hands on various documents.

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Everything To Know About Fences and Property Lines in Indianapolis

If you want to keep your kids or pets safely in your backyard, installing a fence is an excellent way to do it. Fences form a border around your prope...

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How to Read a Site Plan + Example

Even home improvement projects that seem relatively minor, like installing a fence around your property, usually involve a fair amount of planning and...


What You Need to Know About GIS Mapping

Before you make any changes to your property, whether you want to plant more trees or install a fence, you need to know a few things about your land.

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5 Tips for Replacing Your Fence

Although most fencing materials have a long life span when well-kept, there might come a time when you're ready to replace yours.

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How to Find Your Property Lines for a Fence Project in Indianapolis

Good fences make good neighbors, but first, you must ensure you're not putting up a fence on your neighbor's property.

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Getting HOA Approval for Your Fence Project: What To Know

If your neighborhood or housing development has a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), it most likely has a set of rules or by-laws that determine what you ...